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Glen of Imaal Terrier Health

?    In line with the Kennel Club?s "primary commitment to the health and welfare of dogs" we are undertaking to monitor Glen of Imaal Terrier health ?... and we cannot do this without your help!

? Please visit our HEALTH STRATEGY page to see what you can do to help us monitor the health of this lovely breed.

? We will also be producing Surveys & Health Reports that are AVAILABLE TO ALL

The EFG operates an informed consent database. All information sent to the Breed Health Co-ordinator remains confidential unless the owner specifically authorizes release of the information into the public domain. Owners are encouraged to release all information, realising it is in the ultimate health interests of the breed. For those not quite ready to accept open sharing of information, there is still value in submitting their results. All test information entered into the database is available in aggregate for research and statistical reporting purposes, but does not disclose identification of individual dogs.

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Glens generally live until they die! On first reading an obvious statement but many breeds of dog do, unfortunately, have problems that means their breeders can say that by year x they will quite possibly have y, or if it gets to double figures in age you will be very lucky. Glens regularly make double figures & Anno Domini (advancing years) still ranks as the main cause of death within the breed

Looking at Health in the Glen and hopefully the next few web pages will go some way to explaining words, conditions, concerns and things that should be considered with Glen of Imaal Terrier health. Some links will go off site but all these will open on a new page so this site WILL be there in the background to enable your research into Glen health to continue easily

Own a Glen & want to help health?

Please have a look at our Health Strategy page to see the EFG?s long-term plans for monitoring breed health. We cannot achieve our objectives without the commitment and help of Glen owners ? and that means YOU! We hope you find the Health Reports & Surveys informative, and we look forward to receiving your Health Forms. Thank you. The EFG Health Coordinator can be messaged via the Contact page.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are generally a healthy breed